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T4A stokers gathering

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T4A visit to KZN and presentation to Wouter for mapping support


Tracks 4 Africa was responsible for the production of the mapping data

in usable form, which was handed back to the Ezemvelo management

of the HiP at the conclusion of our mapping exercises.

Wouter Brand and his team visited KZN and found themselves at a

surprise impromptu function at Stokers at the old Kloof station, at which

some speechifying, some presentations and some consumption of the good

stuff happened.


The general T4A users were all invited to attend the function as well, and as a

consequence we were able to coopt and welcome on board, Des Westcott as a

new member of the club.


Peter Tiedt was responsible for the introduction of most of the Ecotracs members

to the concepts of GPS utilisation and taught us about confluence hunting and

assisted with training of our members to use GPS receivers, it was thus appropriate

that as the GPS afficianado and official cruncher of the HME mapping data, he should

make the thankyou speech, seen in action on the left.


Wouter Brand of T4A was presented with a certificate of apprecaition by Ecotracs comemorating his contribution, and followed

up with a short address to the gathering.

Wouter and Hans, co-member of T4A was also presented with an Ecotracs shirt to wear with pride in memory of the great occasion.

Mike Lauterbach, Des Westcott, Roland Bosse and Mitch Sowden.

Donald P and Hans getting involved in something terribly interesting!!!

Point made. Now Hans is interested.

Wouter receives his Ecotracs shirt.

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