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Trip Reports

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Archives of club trip reports

Highstakes 2005

Some members had a mini competition day at the highstakes track

Zingela Nov 2005

        Ecotracs visit to Zingela and Lenge/Jobskop November 2005

Lesotho August 2006

Donald P, Des, Andre, Kevin, Roland and Mitch and his bitch travel up Ongeluk nek pass and spend a few days at Malalea.

HME mapping project

The clubs first project gets under the spot light, Hluhluwe mapping exrercise.

iME mapping project

The whole club turned out to perform free mapping services for the management of Ezemvelo to sort out the iMfolzi part of the HiP game reserve

T4A at stokers, presentation after HiP Mapping exercise

Presentation evening where Wouter Brand on behalf of T4A is thanked for the HiP mapping exercise

HiP MTB race 2011

Hluhluwe iMfolozi mountain bike race 2011

Tanzania tour 2012

Tour of Tanzania and northern Mozambique, Donald P, Gary and Johan



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